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Estaremos presentes en el evento
Los pilotos hasta el momento que estarán representando a México en esta disciplina
*Miguel Alcalá (Freestyle)
Mucha Suerte Pilotos!!!
Tournament of Champions Reunion
Senior TOC
Free Style Invitational
26 Aug to 1 Sep 2019

The last Tournament of Champions was October 2002. The TOC was the beginning of not only what we now know as Scale Aerobatics and Free Style, but giant scale model aviation. Strides made in engines, building, electronics, to name a few made the hobby what it is today.
The Academy of Model Aeronautics is proud to announce a reunion of the original TOC Competitors to be held at Clover Creek Aerodrome 26 Aug to 1 Sep 2019. During this reunion Clover Creek Aerodrome is inviting those competitors over 50 years old to compete in the Senior TOC competition.

With the reunion of some of our most historical competitors the AMA and CCA would like to invite the younger competitor to compete in a Free Style event.
Two separate contests, two AMA sanctions, competing over the same four days, combining the young and the old both competing two separate cash prizes.
Clover Creek will be open for practice Sunday 25 Aug 2019
Judging Clinic for all judges Wednesday 28 Aug 2019; TOC judge’s clinic will be in the morning (8am-12pm) and the Free Style judge’s clinic (1pm to 3pm) will be that afternoon.

Pilot’s Meeting for all competitors and judges will be Wednesday 28 Aug 2019 at 5pm.
Wheels up Thursday morning with the TOC competitors at 8am followed by Free Style, TOC, Free Style.
We are planning on 21 TOC competitors and 21 Free Style competitors.
All competitors must confirm attendance no later than Wednesday 1 May 2019 to allow time for alternates. If we cannot fill the TOC field with former TOC
competitors, we will invite IMAC competitors over the age of 50 who have
expressed a desire to compete with the legends.
The entry fee of $300 for both the TOC competitors and the Free Style
competitors is due no later than Saturday 1 Jun 2019
The field will be finalized shortly after.

Event Execution
Competition will over four days, Thursday through Sunday, 29 Aug through 1 Sep
2019, with flying starting each day at 8am. Two sequences will be flown by each
class – TOC, Free Style (FS), TOC, and ending the day with FS.
The 2019 AMA Scale Aerobatic Rules and IMAC Contest Guide shall govern the
contest with exceptions as noted below.
All competitors shall compete Thursday through Saturday, and only the top seven
will compete on Sunday. By the end of the Saturday each competitor will have
flown 6 sequences allowing for two drops.
Score will be normalized to a 1000. The top seven in each class shall carry their
three-day scores into Sunday.

Sunday each competitor will fly four sequences. The TOC competitors shall fly two
known sequences and two UNKnown sequences dropping the lowest of each.
The FS competitors shall drop their two lowest sequences.
The Thursday through Saturday sequences will be combined with Sundays
remaining sequences (after drops) to determine the final score of six sequences.

Contest Rules
All times are based on Central Daylight Time; set your watches accordingly.
Clover Creek will be open for both Sequence and Free Style practice Sunday
through Wednesday 7am to 6pm each day. Each class shall be limited to a seven
minute flight for each competitor. The field will close each day for about 1.5 hours
to cut the runway grass during which time guest may enjoy the pool. Callers are
required for all flights. If required, CCA will establish a practice schedule to allow
all contestants the opportunity to practice.
When you arrive, you will go to the front of the practice line for your first flight.
The field will close for all practice at 430pm Wednesday afternoon.
Think about where you want to fly in the pilot order as, the 7 for each class on
Sunday will pick your own order based on where you finished in the first three
days. The pilot in the lead may choose his/her spot in the order followed by the
pilot in 2nd, and so on.
Unknowns will be handed out each evening and shall be flown the first sequence
each morning except Thursday; on Thursday the UNKnown will be the second
Sunday’s IMAC pilot’s order shall be determined at the Sunday 730am pilot’s
Sunday TOC sequence flying will start 8am followed by FS and so on.
All contest Standings will be announced after the completion of all completion.

Todos Los Derechos Reservados
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